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Lowes is a store widely known for home improvements and providing a vast range of products. It is important to know Lowe’s operational and working hours since one can plan when to visit accordingly. This article summarizes the operating hours of Lowe’s in a comprehensive manner that includes when stores open each day, weekend vs. weekday hours, public festivities hours. Also gives an insight on special and online store timings as well varying seasonal timings remodeled by Lowe’s. Continue on reading the article to know what are the timings of Lowe’s stores, and schedule your visit accordingly.

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When does Lowes Open? When does Lowes Close?

Lowe’s stores generally operate with the following opening and closing times on weekdays and weekends:

– **Monday to Saturday**: 6:00 AM – 9:00 PM
– **Sunday**: 7:00 AM – 9:00 PM

One important thing to consider is that opening times might vary from one location to another; hence, it is always a good idea to check the local store timing.

Lowe’s Holiday Hours

Store adjusts its opening and closing times during the holiday season. The working hours will be shortened on Thanksgiving and Christmas Day. It’s commonly open on New Year’s Day. It is advised that before making your mind to visit the store, you should check out their holiday hours because they might be different from regular days.

Weekend Hours at Lowe’s

The operating hours of Lowe’s are usually the same on weekends as they are on weekdays, with minor location-specific changes.

Special Opening Hours

Lowe’s tends to offer special hours for certain events. In order to improve access, special hours outside of traditional time may be offered. It’s better to check for the special timing hours or events that are going to happen on any particular day at your local store.

Lowe’s Online Store Hours

Lowe’s online store provides the facility of 24/7 open hours which allows customers to shop and avail customer service whenever they want. This platform provides flexibility to its users as people can utilize this during their free hours.

Seasonal Variations in Lowe’s Hours

Lowe’s hours are sometimes adjusted based on the time of sunrise and sunset for different seasons.

Lowe’s has the provision of adjusting its operating hours during special events, or in certain seasons. These changes can come from variations that the customer asked for, special promotions, etc. One should follow local store operating hours as per the variations during such seasons.

How to Check Your Local Lowe’s Store Hours

One can find the exact timings of their local Lowe’s store by using the Lowe’s store locator available on their website. You can get the address, contact number of a Lowes near you by putting their location.

Lowe’s Response to Public Holidays and Events

Lowe’s changes its opening and closing timing to support the customers on important holidays or events. The company’s target is to keep a balance between personal and professional life of the employees so that they can spend quality time with their families.

Comparison with Other Home Improvement Stores

The operational hours at Lowe’s are very similar to those of its prime competition, Home Depot. These both stores are available at similar timings providing customers with an equal chance to visit the stores.

lowes vs home depot

Why Knowing Lowes Hours is Beneficial

People can manage their time to visit the store if they are well aware of Lowe’s timings. To choose the perfect time to buy and get plenty of time to examine the product, it is important for every store visitor to know what their timings are.

Lowes Customer Service Availability

Lowe’s retailers offer customer service during business hours (co-working shift), and they can be available online as well. This system also ensures that customers can get help from employees whenever they need it, and hence improves their overall experience.


Not many people are aware that Lowe’s offers military discounts on an everyday basis. People can ensure a hassle-free, and effective shopping experience by knowing the opening hours of any day. With this, they can also know about whether there are any holiday or weekend hours timings. If you’re starting a project on your own or want to make changes to your home, it’s important for you to know when Lowe’s is available and closed, so that you can plan accordingly.

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