dairy queen hours

Do you want Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cake and are thinking about its timings? Look no further! This article contains all the necessary details required to plan a visit to Dairy Queen. This information includes opening and closing hours during working days, and on holidays, along with some useful tips for checking local store hours. Let’s start this and ensure that you will not miss your favorite Dairy Queen Blizzard meal.

Regular Operating Hours of Dairy Queen
When does Dairy Queen Open? When does Dairy Queen Close?

Weekday and Weekend Hours

The stores of Dairy Queen are disciplined in being open at constant hours; during weekdays as well on the weekend. For example, a Dairy Queen location in Houston, TX, operates from 10:30 AM to 10:30 PM on workdays, including Saturdays, and from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM on Sundays. Another store located in Richmond, VA, follows the same timing throughout the week.

Variation in Hours by Location

You must keep in mind that the opening and closing timings might be changed based on location. For instance, a Dairy Queen store in another part of Houston, TX, operates with slightly different hours. An individual can volunteer from 8:00 AM to 12:00 AM at any time they want, but other days have slightly different hours to be followed. Hence, one should always be aware of the timings of their nearest local Dairy Queen store.

dairy queen hours

Dairy Queen Holiday Hours

Open on Most Holidays

Dairy Queen is available almost on every holiday to satisfy your cravings for their delicious meals.

Specific Holidays with Altered Hours

Even though Dairy Queen remains open on all holidays, it has specific durations for particular holidays. It is handy to see first if your local Dairy Queen store will be open during holiday hours before planning a trip there. This way, you can save yourself the disappointment!

Summer Hours at Dairy Queen

Some Dairy Queen branches have adjusted operational hours during the summer because of increased demands. With the increase in temperature, a lot of people will start buying their favorite snacks from Dairy Queen. So the stores might change their timings accordingly. If you plan on coming, make sure to check because Dairy Queen has different hours for the summer.

Checking Local Store Hours

If someone wants to get the latest information, he should check their local Dairy Queen stores. You can locate the nearest Dairy Queen shop by going to their official website. To know the timings of the nearby stores, you have to give your location.

Avoiding Peak Hours

In order to have your time at the store try to avoid visiting during peak hours when Dairy Queen is normally crowded. One can have their favorite meals and treats during a shorter waiting time if they plan to go when it’s not the rush hour.


Dairy Queen provides several foods, and it is essential to know its store timing to go there on time. If you need to make the most out of your quick stop at Dairy Queen during frequent and holiday occasions, simply know when they’re open and where they’re located.

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