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Are you looking forward for a reliable and effective solution for all your Health care & Pharmacy needs? Well, Kroger Pharmacy might just be the right place for you. Kroger Pharmacy boasts of a network of over 1191 Pharmacies in United States only where they offer various services like Daily Vaccinations, Prescription fulfillment & Management, and personalized healthcare services both online and in-store.

In this comprehensive guide, we ll tell you everything about Kroger Pharmacy Hours like What time does Kroger Pharmacy open? What time does Kroger Pharmacy Close? We’ll also give you some insights about its Holiday Hours, Additional Facilities and more.

Regular Operating Hours of Kroger Pharmacy
When does Kroger Pharmacy Open? When does Kroger Pharmacy Close?

Weekday Schedule

From Mondays to Fridays: Hours may vary by location, but generally they open at 9:00 AM & Closes at around 8:00 PM.

Weekend Hours

Similar to the weekdays, the working hours on weekends may vary, but they are usually shorter than weekday hours.

On Saturdays, Kroger Pharmacy usually Opens at 9:00 AM & Closes at 6:00 PM

On Sundays, Kroger Pharmacy usually Opens at 10:00 AM & Closes at 5:00 PM.

Kroger Pharmacy Holiday Hours

Open During Most Holidays

Although Kroger Pharmacies are generally open on most of the Holidays, making sure that customers get proper & reliable access to Healthcare at a time when it matters the most as most of the Pharmacies might be closed during Holidays.
-Normal Operation During the Following Holidays
Kroger Pharmacy usually operate on Regular business hours for holidays like Labor Day, Memorial day,Independence Day & New Year’s.

Closed on Specific Holidays

However there are specific events/Holidays when Kroger Pharmacies stay closed or might operate with reduced timings.
– Notable Holiday Closures
Kroger Pharmacies are closed on Holidays like Christmas Day and Thanksgiving.

Kroger Pharmacy 24 hour locations

Kroger Pharmacy does have some locations that are open 24 hours. However, it’s important to note that the operating hours can vary by location. For e.g. a Kroger Pharmacy in Athens, GA, and another in Newport, KY are both reported to be open 24 hours​​​​.

kroger pharmacy 24 hour
24 Hour Kroger Pharmacy

Variations in Operating Hours

Krogers Pharmacy Operating Hours might vary from one place to another so it’s always a good idea to check before visiting.. The variation might be there based on various factors like Location, specific events, state regulations, local ordinances, and the specific needs of the community.

How to find a Kroger Pharmacy near me?

You may visit Kroger’s Official site and use their store locator tool to find a Kroger Pharmacy near you. This tool will help you find local Kroger Pharmacy hours, including those that operate 24 hours a day. By entering state/city name or ZIP code, you may also easily access most accurate and up-to-date information about any specific Kroger Pharmacy.

The Importance of Knowing Pharmacy Hours

Planning Your Visit

Understanding the operating hours of Kroger Pharmacy is essential for planning your visit and ensuring that you receive the healthcare services you need in a timely manner.

Emergency and After-Hours Options

Knowing the operating hours of Kroger Pharmacy is particularly important for identifying emergency services and after-hours options for accessing essential medications and healthcare services.

Kroger Pharmacy Special Offers and Discounts.

Membership Benefits and Savings

Kroger Pharmacy provides membership benefits and savings, allowing customers to access quality healthcare services at competitive prices.

Promotions and Seasonal Deals

Customers can take advantage of various promotions and seasonal deals at Kroger Pharmacy, further enhancing the value of their healthcare spending.


In conclusion, Kroger Pharmacy is a leading provider of healthcare services, offering a wide range of pharmacy solutions, health and wellness services, and online prescription management options. By understanding the daily operating hours, holiday schedules, and additional services offered by Kroger Pharmacy, you can make informed decisions about your healthcare needs and ensure that you receive the support you require. Whether you’re planning a routine visit or need access to essential medications during holidays, Kroger Pharmacy is dedicated to being your trusted healthcare partner.

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