March 28, 2020

The Ultimate Guide Book For Tubular Battery

To get a constant supply of electricity, we need a battery everywhere. From the watch to the car; the importance of battery is irreplaceable. The tubular battery is one of such things that have multipurpose utility in almost every body’s home. Surprisingly, most of us don’t have little knowledge about that. From solar equipment to inverter, we use this battery in many sectors. For that, a little knowledge will always help us to have the best buying decision and maintain it in the long run.

For that, you have to keep reading this article to know more about the Tubular Battery. Here we will discuss the reasons behind the high efficiency of this battery and why it is a better choice than any other lead-acid battery.

What is a Tubular battery?

This is a lead-acid battery that sealed the active material in polyester tubes which are called gauntlets. The positive electrode of the battery is surprisingly not as a grid but the structure is more like a comb that looks like lead skeleton holding the positive material with tubular bags. The final formation of the battery looks like a series of tubes are kept side by side along the length of the electrode. For that reason, the name tubular is derived from there.

In our home, we use this battery for electric propulsion for the car, inverter and solar system. It is known to last longer than any other lead-acid battery. Generally, it lasts as twice as the other types of battery. Due to its sustainable design, it is suitable for critical and high-end applications. The toughness and durability of the tubular battery help it to work perfectly at extreme temperatures. It is also a great choice for the high cyclic applications that have prolonged and frequent power outages.

What are the capacity and efficiency of the Tubular Batteries?

The capacity of the battery denotes by Ampere hour (Ah) which is 3600 Columbus of one unit. The discharge rate is expressed as the number of current drains to drive the load. The efficiency of the battery highly depends on the self-discharge. For the Tubular battery, the discharge mode is quite low and for that, it stays in top condition for a long time.

The efficiency of the battery also depends on the power charging and how long it can hold the charge. To get the right back up, make sure that the AC lines must be near to 230 volts. After fully charged, the battery will provide a charge of 13.5 volts. After discharging the battery to 80%, it needs to be recharged for 5 to 7 Ampere for the first few hours.

How to maintain the battery for the best result?

  • The surface of the battery must be clean. You have to clean it with a mixture of soda and water to make it dust-free.
  • The cable connections should be cleaned and tightened.
  • Always use mineral-free distilled water to top up the battery.
  • In order to prevent corrosion, the connectors should be covered with petroleum jelly.
  • Never place any iron object on the top of the battery.

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