March 28, 2020

Check Out Some Best Model Of Air Cooler In India

The changing parameter of weather pursues us to deck up our home with all types of gears. In winter you need a heater to battle the cold wave and the Best Air Cooler In India will help you to combat the heat wave. If you are looking to buy one, then you must be searching everywhere regarding the best brand of air cooler.

In this highly competitive market, every company comes up with its unique products loaded with features. It is really confusing for the buyers to select one single brand of air cooler. Before starting the research for the Best Air Cooler In India, you have to find out the requirements of yours like the size of the room, local climate condition, and others.

To know the features and other details of the air cooler brands in India, this well-researched article will definitely help you out. Here we will discuss some of the best models that are working efficiently in order to make their way towards popularity. Check out the list to make an informed purchase decision.

1-)Hindware Snowcrest 36 Liters Personal Air Cooler:
It is one of the best air cooler for home use. This sleek-looking gadget will add style to your home d├ęcor as well. It comes with an empty tank alarm that will save your motor from burning. It will ensure the service even after the power cut as this can run on the inverter. The mosquito filter helps the air cooler to prevent building up their colony. The low maintenance honeycomb pads last longer with higher performance.

air cooler

If you place anything on the top of the machine, the anti-skid top cover will hold the thing. For extra cooling, the ice chamber will give you optimum cooling in every corner of the room. The complete shut louvers make sure that the health and hygiene of the customers should be maintained.

2-) Cello Osum 50-Litre Desert Air Cooler:
The most important feature of the air cooler is the auto-fill water inlet for the comfort of the consumer. It comes with 50 liters of the water tank that helps you to prevent constant checking for water. The indicator will help you to know the level of water in the tank and the controller prevents the overflow as well.

The body is made of engineered plastic that has more durability and rust-free feature. The powerful surround cooling will give you relief even in a 400 square feet room as well.

3-) Crompton Greaves Ozone 75-Litre Desert Cooler:
For a huge room like 550 sq. ft, this is the most ideal air cooler. It is the apt choice for shop, office or big living room. It works best if the room has cross ventilation. The honeycomb pads keep the water inside cooler so that you will get maximum comfort.

The energy efficiency feature will help it to reduce the electric bill as well. The powerful motor will make a hot and humid room to a cooler place within a few minutes.

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