January 21, 2020
Buy Cirque Du Soleil Tickets

Plan Your Christmas Vacation With Cirque Du Soleil

The holiday season is here finally. This is the time to Buy Cirque Du Soleil Tickets for your whole family as the new shows are already scheduled. “Twas the Night Before” is the new show on the Chicago Theatre and it has proven to be the crowd puller already. Take advantage of this holiday atmosphere.

Though we are living in the age of technology, the importance of the togetherness of the family is still much important. We still love to laugh and have a good time with the loving people around us. Cirque Du Soleil is such a platform where people can come and enjoy themselves.

How is the show “Twas the Night Before”?

You will be transported to a lobby where everything seems to be magical. Even though it is not meant for kids, they will enjoy the overall grandeur of the show. This will be a show to be remembered for the teens and the tweens who are quite cynical about their choices. The interesting design palette of the stage is an artistic representation that goes with the theme of the Cirque Du Soleil.

The money you have invested to Buy Cirque Du Soleil Tickets will not be wasted as the traditional circus acts will have a holiday style makeover. Artists like aerialists, rollerbladers, block jugglers, Diablo wranglers, tumblers and hoop divers are acted like Santa’s reindeer. The choreography of the show is legit. The whole atmosphere is filled up with the fun of the holiday.

Buy Cirque Du Soleil Tickets

Your kids will enjoy the show. The run time of the show is just 77 minutes; that too without any intermission. So, your kids will not get bored. There are certain acts which are designed to entertain the young generation only. Surprisingly, the parents will enjoy the acts equally. So, we can say that “Twas The Night Before” is made for all ages and tastes. The energy of the show will cheer up the holiday season.

Before going to the show, just keep in mind that at the end of the show giant inflatable holiday balls are kicked out towards the audience. If you will be seated at the orchestra seats, then keep an eye to the kids as the balls are quite heavier.


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