March 28, 2020

How To Make Plywood Boxes For Keeping Household Items

Home storage facilities will help to clean up the house. It is known that no matter how many closets are in the apartment, there is still not enough space. Deep plywood boxes have a larger volume than conventional drawers. The body of the box takes all the free space on the shelves and allows you to place more things.

Drawers are freely removable from the closet, which helps to save time that goes into finding the right household items. The main advantage here is that the boxes of the right size can be placed on ready-made shelves and closets.

Plywood products can be assembled with your own hands. To do this, you need high-quality furniture plywood with a thickness of 7-8 mm. Thin sheets will make the structure lighter and thicker ones stronger. Choose a happy middle ground. To keep the crates healthy enough and not too heavy.
Of the tools, you will need carpentry glue, a jigsaw, tape, drill, emery cloth, paint, and nails for fixing corners. It is best to use a pneumatic gun, but thin finish nails can also be hammered.

The dimensions of the body are determined by the width and depth of the openings on the shelves. Here the drawers are made full and 330 mm high, and the depth is 270 mm. It should be noted that the sidewalls are cut off with a width of 254 mm. The bottom is best made from plywood 12-16 mm thick. So the sides can be glued and nailed to the edges of the bottom, and the box will be stronger.

On the front and rear walls, you need to cut openings for the hands. The markup is best done with one paper template, and it is faster and more accurate. Holes can be 100/25 mm in size.
Two holes with a diameter of 25 mm are drilled at the extreme points of the marking, and the jumper is cut out with a jigsaw.

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To the bottom measuring 254-314 mm two sidewalls are attached. Glue is applied to the joints, and the parts are fixed with thin nails in the lower part. Then the box is laid on its side, and the front part is placed on top. The joint is smeared with glue, the angle is leveled and temporarily fixed with tape. Next, you need to break the joint with nails and wait until the glue sets.

Too much glue can be removed immediately with a rag. In the same way, the back wall is placed, glued and nailed to the sides and the bottom edge.

It is necessary to pierce the nails carefully. If the direction is chosen incorrectly, then the nails will quickly come out, and the product will be spoiled.

Birch plywood is the most commonly used. This wood is durable, high-quality, but does not have its pronounced texture. After gluing the boxes, it is necessary to go through with emery No. 120-180. Hats of nails are recessed and plugged with a mortician`s putty.

Ready-made drawers can be painted in the color of the closet or focus on contrasting colors.
It should be noted that such boxes are quite mobile. They can be placed anywhere in the room. They can fit under a table, next to a bed or in a closet in several rows.

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